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Remember, to progress through the course, you should use the Back and Next buttons or swipe left and right on a mobile device or tablet. Do not use your browser’s back and forward buttons.

You can log out at any time. When you log back in, you will be returned to the last page you accessed.

If there are any interactive activities to be completed on a page, you must complete those actions before you will be able to advance to the next page. Do not use your browser’s back and forward buttons.

You may not skip ahead to the next section until you’ve attempted the Knowledge Check questions. The course will automatically advance to the next section when you’ve completed the Knowledge Check.

When is the course complete?

You must complete all Knowledge Check questions correctly to complete the course. If you have not completed all the questions successfully, keep trying! If you need to re-review the material, you can navigate backwards using the Back button or the section headers.

Still need help?

Contact us at help@pncfoundations.com.

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Unfortunately, that answer is incorrect. You will have another opportunity to answer this question at the end of the course. You can also use the Back arrow if you’d like to review the material.